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What’s the problem Donghae?

ShinWoo , LeeShin and SeJoo …
Happy Birthday Yong !

Happy Yong Day !

When Shi-Woo see a woman, he feels confused.

Episode 4 - Han Shi Woo

Handsome Han Shi Woo !

Cute ChanHun
Cool Dancer Lay
SingingSong Chen
Dancer Baozi Xiumin
Killer Baekhyun
Cute KaiSoo
Cool Man Kris
Cute Little Prince Luhan
Warrior Tao
Emotional Omma Suho

Overdose Baekhyun Focus

EXO Mommy Leader & EXO Daddy Leader

Hot dance with Luhan !

My breath keeps on stopping
You walk towards me
You smile at me
Maybe you’re attracted to me too


We loved them.
We love them.
And we will love them.