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Started as 12 members.
Then continued as 11 members.
And now contiuning as 10 members.
But on our hearts they are still 12 members.
EXO forever OT12!!

(Kaynak: sehunida, sehunida gönderdi)

We are one, Exo 사랑하자!”

(Kaynak: exostential-angst)

Why you are so perfect? WHY?

Why your smile so perfect ? 

Baekhyun’s fingers… 

(Kaynak: suhomysuho)

(Kaynak: imhanbins)

Don’t smile oppa!
I am dying!

(Kaynak: juhnmyeon)

Growl Dance …

(Kaynak: terumikamis)

Please Stop…

(Kaynak: ibaeks)


(Kaynak: lionbaek, lionbaek gönderdi)

you’re my earth, air, water, FIRE! *smiles*

(Kaynak: ibaeks)

(Kaynak: ibaeks)

I can not breath !

(Kaynak: blondejongin)

I should learn to use chopsticks with Baekhyun!

(Kaynak: lionbaek, lionbaek gönderdi)

baby b not knowing what to do at a party 

(Kaynak: osehu, lionbaek gönderdi)